La Secchia Antica Acetaia

“No Glazes, No Creme, ONLY BALSAMIC!”

This is the motto that distinguishes my production. My vinegar factory was founded in 1950 by my father who created what is an ancient local tradition in Modena, the production of Balsamic Vinegar. Over time I have dealt with the expansion of the Acetaia up to now, with over 600 barrels dedicated to production. I have always tried to have a very rigorous and respectful approach to the production tradition. In fact, my company has always remained in the artisan sector …. we have never transformed ourselves into an industry even if, today, 99.9% of balsamic vinegars are of industrial origin. Each of our bottles is packaged by hand, and each of our products is obtained without the use of chemical products (however permitted by the production regulations), or industrial procedures. There is no poetry in what I do, just coherence, and the consciousness that my children are the first consumers of my product, and I expect them to consume a good, and above all healthy, Balsamic vinegar.