Tasting box with 5 varieties of balsamic dressing

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Tasting box with 5 varieties of balsamic dressing.

The 5 balsamic condiments are obtained from selected grape musts and wine vinegar , aged in 60 to 20 liter barrels of different woods, based on the type of must ( Trebbiano di Spagna , Trebbiano Montanaro , Lambrusco di Sorbara , Lambrusco Salamino , Lambrusco Grasparossa , Ancellotta .)

*Excellent quality balsamic dressing produced with selected raw materials and aged in oak barrels. With a fine aroma, strong taste and balanced acidity. Suitable for multiple uses.

** Greatly balanced balsamic dressing , aged in oak barrels, suitable for accompanying raw or cooked vegetables, ideal in the preparation of salads.

*** High-quality balsamic condiment , aged in oak barrels, suitable for omelettes, omelettes and risottos. It goes very well with fish, seafood appetizers and grilled shellfish.

**** High quality balsamic condiment , with very particular organoleptic characteristics thanks to aging in juniper barrels. Suitable for game dishes and hot or spicy cheeses.

***** Excellent balsamic condiment , aged in small barrels; It gives its best on roast meats, mature cheeses, ice cream and fruit salad.

This La Secchia Tasting package can be a perfect introduction to quality Balsamic .

Furthermore, the packaging is perfect for giving as a gift.