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Let me introduce myself, I am Lorenzo Righi , owner of the La Secchia vinegar factory founded in 1950 by my father whose traditions I have maintained: I only use cooked must, wine vinegar (only for the PGI), wood and time.

My artisanal vinegar factory has over 600 barrels dedicated to production.
La Secchia Balsamic Vinegar was born on the hills of Modena where the typical Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes are grown from which the must is obtained, the main ingredient of the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena; the entire production process, from the cultivation of the grapes, their processing, aging and bottling takes place exclusively within the province of Modena.

I personally follow all the manufacturing phases of this timeless, brown and velvety condiment, very versatile, a magical balance of sweet and sour flavors and aromas.

My Balsamic Vinegar does not use caramel, it is very "harmonious" because it ages in small barrels, it is very "complex" because it is the result of a selection of local grapes and typical local woods, but above all it is HEALTHIER as it is be an absolutely artisanal and local product . Lorenzo Righi

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